The Book of English Magic

The Book of English Magic The Book of English Magic explores the curious and little known fact that of all the countries in the world England has the richest history of magical lore and practice English authors such as J R R

  • Title: The Book of English Magic
  • Author: Philip Carr-Gomm Richard Heygate
  • ISBN: 9781848540330
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Book of English Magic explores the curious and little known fact that of all the countries in the world, England has the richest history of magical lore and practice English authors such as J.R.R.Tolkien, C.S Lewis, Terry Pratchett, and J.K.Rowling, dominate the world of magic in fiction, but from the earliest times, England has also acted as home to generations of eThe Book of English Magic explores the curious and little known fact that of all the countries in the world, England has the richest history of magical lore and practice English authors such as J.R.R.Tolkien, C.S Lewis, Terry Pratchett, and J.K.Rowling, dominate the world of magic in fiction, but from the earliest times, England has also acted as home to generations of eccentrics and scholars who have researched and explored every conceivable kind of occult art Most people are torn between a fascination with magic and an almost instinctive fear of the occult, of a world redolent with superstition and illusion And yet people now practice magic in England than at any time in her history The Book of English Magic explores this hidden story, from its first stirrings to our present day fascination with all things magical Along the way readers are offered a rich menu of magical things to do and places to visit.

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    1. Philip Carr-Gomm Richard Heygate

      Philip Carr Gomm was born in London, raised in Notting Hill Gate, and educated at Westminster School and University College London.He met his first spiritual teacher, Ross Nichols, the founder of The Order of Bards Ovates Druids, when he was 11 He began studying with him when a teenager, and joined the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids at 18 He studied meditation with Olivia Robertson in Ireland, who later founded the Fellowship of Isis, and in his twenties he founded The Esoteric Society in London, which organised journeys for members to Bulgaria and Egypt, and hosted talks by well known authors such as Gareth Knight, W E Butler, and Arthur Guirdham.In 1975 his Druid teacher died, and he followed a Bulgarian teacher, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov for seven years, giving talks on his teachings and helping with the translation and publishing of his books into English He also travelled to Bulgaria and studied the work of Aivanhov s teacher, Peter Deunov, visiting Sofia annually for fourteen years, teaching Deunov s Paneurhythmy dance in England and at Findhorn in Scotland In his thirties he turned to a study of psychology, taking a BSc degree at University College London and Jungian analysis, with plans to become an analyst On discovering Psychosynthesis, he trained instead as a therapist at the Institute of Psychosynthesis in London and began a private practice.In 1988 he was asked to lead the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids He organised the Order s teachings into a distance learning course, and edited his teacher s book with John Matthews 1 Since that time, the Order has grown to become the largest Druid teaching order in the world.

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    1. If you read Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrel, and wondered what the real history of English magic looked like, then this book is, quite simply, the answer. Not quite as glamorous as Clarke’s fictional world, or the magical England of Harry Potter, it is none the less a history resplendent with strangeness, eccentricity and curiosities. This book brings together the real stories those writing about fictional English magic have been drawing on all along. For anyone interested in the literary angle [...]

    2. The book is really pretty, but I am kind of disappointed in the content.I feel like it's been poorly edited, too. For example, here's a pretty eyebrow-raising error with regards to astrology signs. 6 signs were mixed up, and it wasn't caught in editing. I feel like if you're trying to teach people what their sign is (this segment was doing that) then you ought to be sure you leave them knowing what their sign really looks like.Yeah. Wonky. There's a lot of superfluous stuff in here, and while th [...]

    3. A beautiful book, but disappointing. I wanted more STUFF, not a bunch of warmed-over mythology. Interviews with current Wiccans & self-proclaimed sorcerers aside, this is a collection of half-truths (so which trees were sacred? Which parts? What did "magicians" do with them?) and outright misinformation (the Druids did NOT build Stonehenge, which predates their arrival in Britain).

    4. A book that definitely falls between two stools, The Book of English Magic is both an introduction to magic for the novice practitioner and a historical analysis of the various traditions that make up the wildly diverse body of esoteric thought and practice in England. As such, it's not very satisfying in either aspect: the suggestions for practitioners are somewhat undercut by the more rational analysis, and the rational analysis is undercut by the suggestions for practitioners. It's hard to ta [...]

    5. Finally, finally finished this chunker of a book. I kept telling myself it took me so long because I was moving house and didn't have a lot of time, but the truth is, I decided to pick up other books over it even when I did have time. It wasn't bad, and it wasn't boring, in fact, most of what it had to offer was actually really interesting and I loved that at the end of every chapter/topic they had a list of things to do and resources if you wanted to put more research into the respective field [...]

    6. I cannot praise this book enough both for its content and its style. It is a hefty tome at over 500 pages but beautifully bound and (once you get over the odd use of a lighter typeface for 'practitioner' contributions) designed. It may not be cheap (£25) but it is excellent value.The structure is worth commenting on because, quite simply, it works and it puts to shame a lot of the shoddy editing that you currently get in the publishing industry.Carr-Gomm and Heygate tell the story of English ma [...]

    7. Not sure who the audience is for this book. Serious practitioners will find it all a bit superficial and scatter-shot, curious skeptics will find it equally frustrating. It is poorly edited as well. The activities sections struck me as humorous-- as if they were written for children or perhaps it was going for some kind of Martha-Stewart style occult advice? I wish I could recommend this book, but I really can't.

    8. Philip Carr-Gomm an expert on Druidry has written a book that is a tour de force. Covering the magical history of Britain all the way from it's prehistoric Shamanistic beginning all the way up to the present. The book is comprehensive, informative and very interesting. if you are new to magic I advise you pick up a copy of this book and read it. The over view will help you get to where you want to go in the realm of magic.Not only does the book offer a rich textured history of magic but it also [...]

    9. There is some good writing here, and the book is an entertaining read. Some of the chapters are excellent for beginners to the subjects, particularly the ones on the history of Enochian and other Renaissance magic, and the chapters that chart the influence of these early-modern ceremonial forms of magic into more recent magical history.Unfortunately, there are a lot of problems with the other chapters and their research, particularly the ones on 'ancient' magic, and the examples of people's pers [...]

    10. The Book of English Magic is one of the best works I have read on magic in a long time. It focuses exclusively on English magic through the ages, touching on hedgewitchery, Druids, Wiccans (as started by Gerald Gardner), cunning folks, Ceremonial Mages, Alchemists, and Chaos Magicians to name a few. One of the aspects of the book I like best is that each chapter comes with a recommended reading list that covers both primary source material pertinent to the chapter’s subject as well as fiction [...]

    11. Forget the usually accepted definition of magic - a conjuror on stage doing magic tricks. This book isn't about that type of magic. It is about the history of magic in England - from earliest history to the present day. It covers such practices as dowsing, scrying, herbal remedies, charms. witchcraft, Wiccan, Druidism - ancient and modern, Theosophy etc. It is all too easy to dismiss all these subjects as mumbo jumbo but reading this book with an open mind might make you revise your opinion.Each [...]

    12. A very interesting book giving an overview of magical practices throughout the history of England. Including practical tasks to try out, places to visit and a wealth of suggested reading material for anyone wanting to find out more information.It did feel that some areas were glossed over, where I would have liked more detail, but at over 500 pages how much more can you put in without becoming too weighty?!I would recommend this book to anyone interested in finding out more about the rich tapest [...]

    13. A fascinating book which gives a broad overview of the history of English Magic. There is a lot of information in this book, which is clearly and beautifully presented but in covering such a large subject very often only the surface is touched. However, it's filled with lots of recommendations for further reading, both fiction and non-fiction, to peak your interest to go delving deeper. Be warned though it will make your 'To be Read' pile even taller!

    14. I enjoyed this book as an overview. Anyone looking for something more specific as far as practical application would do better borrowing this book just for the references at the end of the chapter that holds their interest. I enjoyed the way it was written, varying the direct information with other voices with experiences, recommended readings, and historical events/people.

    15. A good book to read about the different types of magic you want to know about, but a little bit boring for the parts you don't.

    16. If you want a sort of beginners guide to how to get into magic, as in shamanism, witchcraft and sorcery, rather than card tricks, go for this book. I was a tad disappointed in it, as I was hoping for a more specific exploration on the history of magic in England, on the practises and events of magic, and this work tends to be rather vague in lots of places. I would have liked more detail. It concentrates a lot on modern magical orders, and the Anglo Saxons, but in detail, it is lacking.The bits [...]

    17. This is just a very fun book. What does the best of English culture have in common? Magic. Whether you are a fan of Lewis & Tolkein, Led Zeppelin, or J.K. Rowling, this book is a lovely digestible cultural survey of English magical history and traditions. Divided by the particular skill, craft, or order (alchemy, dowsing, druids, etc.), the book covers history, texts to read and texts that are lost, includes mini-interviews with living "practitioners," and perhaps best of all, recommends "pl [...]

    18. I am actually in progress on this one, but it is the sort of book you pick up, read a bit and then return to later. It is a history and a how-to(!) for magic. Sections on dowsing, ley lines and others explain how the traditions came to be, how they live on and how you can take part yourself. I bought this to enliven some role playing games I am playing in the UK. The detail for that is fantastic. For those seeking to alternate approaches to understanding our world, I can imagine it would be inte [...]

    19. This is a dip-in and dip-out sort of book. It's not some encyclopaedic overview of the whole of English magic, and it's light in some areas. It is, however, a nice introduction to a wide range of beliefs and practises, written in a way that seeks to make it all relevant to here and now.I enjoyed some of the asides and sections within sections where modern practitioners were interviewed.I found some of the omissions frustrating, as I wanted more depth in some areas. It had a nice folkloric feel t [...]

    20. Very good historical overview of the practice of magic in England from prehistory to the present, touching upon important historical figures and groups such as Dr. John Dee, Elias Ashmole, the Freemasons, the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley, Gerald Gardener, Dion Fortune, and the practitioners of Chaos Magic. Includes a wealth of reference material including websites, places to visit in England, books to read, and directions on how to get started in various magical practices. A big book, but very [...]

    21. I was unsure of this book in the early chapters, which are a bit "woo-woo" and lack sufficient citations, but hang in there - once it gets to the Middle Ages, the book really hits its stride. The history of magic in England is meaty stuff, and this book is a fantastic resource for anyone wanting a high-level overview of the subject with plentiful suggestions for further reading.

    22. A fairly comprehensive overview of magic in the English world, more than than a book of English Magic, which strictly speaking doesn't exist, with the exception of the new-brew Chaos Magic. The authors Carr-Gomm and Heygate do a good job of covering a broad range of topics including the history, organizations, personages, types, techniques and lore associated with magic in the Isle of Albion. As to be expected from a book of this nature, the topics are light on philosophical discourse and heavy [...]

    23. This is the best overview of the history, traditions and personalities of magic in England that I have ever read.It's broad enough in scope to give the reader a complete overview, it's full of hints and tips for further study (and practice) for those who wish to add flesh to these bones, and it charmingly champions eccentricity.It comes across as warm and chattily enthusiastic instead of dryly academic, and the frequent diversions to discuss personalities, with contributions by several notable m [...]

    24. An entertaining and informative, if flawed, read. The structure was what impressed me most. The author provides us with a history drawn from the mystery that is the early magickal traditions of England. It is just one possible history, of course. With this we have selective fictional and 'factual' bibliographies and some gentle explorative activities to give one a sense of the content explored, for example finding the celestial influences in ones own astrological chart (if you are into that sort [...]

    25. Okay, this may never be everyone's cup of tea but i absolutely LOVED this book. It is beautifully written and encompasses a whole morass of information in an easy to read, simple to follow format. It manages to walk that fine line between providing the reader with an introduction to key aspects of English history without getting lost down the rabbit hole. The list of further reading and links to websites are a great way to allow th ereader to explore further.One of the first books in a long time [...]

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